Muslim son carries his +90 years old mother on his shoulders entire Tawaf. (Makkah)

May angels carry this man and his mother to Jannah this is incredible

Do people not understand that there are Christians living in Gaza?? It’s not only Muslims, so stop being fucking ignorant and thinking “oh it’s just Muslims” be fucking human for once. I wait for the day where all of Israel will fall to the ground, and the world will come as one to build a new Palestine for the Palestinians and the non ignorant Jews. I wonder what Anne Frank would say in her diary if she were alive to witness what these inhuman aspects of life were doing to this world.

And on a side note, you don’t have to muslim to be Palestinian, you can be Jewish and still be Palestinian. Israel never existed. And soon you Israelis won’t have a place to live on this world. You’d have to plead for the British and America to take you guys in.

Keep in mind, “its all written” and God is on the side of the Oppressed.


"Come back and make up a goodbye at least. Let’s pretend we had one"
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)Michel Gondry

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